The 6 Most Popular Yoga Styles, Demystified



Kundalini yoga is more spiritual and philosophical than other styles. Postures are generally a bit less intense and classes include meditation, breathing techniques and chanting. The practice is designed to release body’s the kundalini (serpent) energy, which is believed to be coiled like a sleeping snake at the base of the spine. Postures and breathing exercises awaken and encourage the energy upward through the body.

Good for you if:

you want to feel more energized.
you enjoy meditation.
you want a more spiritual yoga practice.

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Ashtanga is based on some of the most ancient yoga teachings. Like Bikram, ashtanga is rigorous and follows a specific sequence of postures in the same order each time. But unlike Bikram, these postures are linked by movement and breath. In that way, it can be thought of as a marriage of Bikram and vinyasa. Instructors will announce posture changes but won’t offer much else in these sweaty, quick-paced classes.

Good for you if:

you’re very physically fit.
you enjoy a disciplined practice.
you have a Type A personality.
you don’t need much alignment instruction.

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